Current Exhibition


2019.1.8 (tue) – 2019.1.20 (sun)
12:00 – 19:00

レセプションパーティー:1.12 (sat) 18 : 00 –
作家在廊日:会期中の毎週 土、日曜日 および 祝日(作品解説を行います)


This work uses the techniques and characteristics peculiar to the camera such as flash and overexposed to deprive the artificial objects and natural objects scattered throughout the city and to make their existence blank It is a series intended to return.
Then, the object which is reduced to the “white space” as the title occupied by the white face and its contour is regenerated again, that is, “the existence exists only” that they originally have, I think that it appears on the screen in a form that further emphasizes its presence.